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Surprise: Environmentalism Actually Boosts the Economy

One of the premises of EcoOptimism is that environmental actions and solutions complement the economy. Too often, the assumption – particularly within the business world and among conservatives – is that the opposite is true. They believe, sometimes fervently, that … Continue reading

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Will 2015 bring legalization of hemp?

2012 and 2014 brought hemp closer to federal legalization. Will 2015 be the year it finally happens? Continue reading

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2014 Word of the Year

EcoOptimism’s December tradition: our word of the year. Continue reading

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Fracking and the Precautionary Principle at Work

New York State has just banned fracking not because we know it’s bad but because we DON’T know if it’s bad. And that’s good. Continue reading

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More Wrongest Product Nominees from Skymall

A recent flight provided another excuse to plunder Skymall for Wrongest Product Nominations. Continue reading

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Are Geoengineering Proposals EcoOptimistic?

They’re very seductive – proposed solutions to climate disruption that don’t involve carbon fees or changing our modern comforts and habits. Continue reading

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The Elusive Silver Bullet

True systemic answers don’t come in the form of stand-alone solutions Continue reading

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Will the Solutions Come from Cities?

Never mind national governments. The answers are coming from the bottom up. Continue reading

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EcoOptimism in Climate Week

Architects can be one of the major forces in achieving the goal of eliminating our production of greenhouse gases Continue reading

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Is There a Dystopia in Your Future?

A New York Times profile on an environmentalist promotes an extreme and untenable view of our options. Continue reading

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