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Laser Schmaser

Pizzas don’t need forks, let alone lasers. Continue reading

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Does An Environmentalist Have To Be a Treehugger?

Am I biophilically challenged? And does that diminish my eco cred? Continue reading

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Pascal’s Wager: The Climate Change Version

In EcoOptimism terms, the climate change “wager” says we’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. Continue reading

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Has John Kerry been reading my EcoOptimism blog?

John Kerry calls climate change a weapon of mass destruction. Does that mean he’s been reading my blog? Continue reading

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E-bikes in NYC: How Not to Solve a Problem

E-bikes are a great means of urban transportation. Banning them in NYC is short-sighted. Continue reading

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Scent and Non-sensibility

A Wrongest Product Award nomination: a scent-filled accessory that plugs into your cellphone’s earphone jack, enabling you to smell two choices of red meats. Continue reading

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Peak Oil is Irrelevant

Let’s call fossil fuels what they are: weapons of mass destruction. And they need to be neutralized. Continue reading

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A Letter to Mayor de Blasio: Don’t forget the environment as a cause of inequality

Environmental initiatives are integral to addressing the “tale of two cities” that Mayor de Blasio campaigned on. Continue reading

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Cities, Community and Sustainable Development

The rapid urbanization of the population is, in many ways, an environmentally positive event. Too often left out, however, is the question of what life in these cities is or will be like. Continue reading

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My 2013 Word of the Year

I’m going to use my mini bully-free pulpit and anoint a 2013 word of the year: transparency Continue reading

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