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Is There a Dystopia in Your Future?

A New York Times profile on an environmentalist promotes an extreme and untenable view of our options. Continue reading

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Climate Change and the Medical Analogy

Climate scientists can be seen as the equivalent of medical doctors diagnosing a patient, with the patient being the planet. And we have a consensus of multiple opinions. Continue reading

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Some Earth Week Optimism

Hunter Lovins rescues me from an un-EcoOptimistic mood. Continue reading

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Laser Schmaser

Pizzas don’t need forks, let alone lasers. Continue reading

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Does An Environmentalist Have To Be a Treehugger?

Am I biophilically challenged? And does that diminish my eco cred? Continue reading

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Pascal’s Wager: The Climate Change Version

In EcoOptimism terms, the climate change “wager” says we’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. Continue reading

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Has John Kerry been reading my EcoOptimism blog?

John Kerry calls climate change a weapon of mass destruction. Does that mean he’s been reading my blog? Continue reading

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E-bikes in NYC: How Not to Solve a Problem

E-bikes are a great means of urban transportation. Banning them in NYC is short-sighted. Continue reading

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Scent and Non-sensibility

A Wrongest Product Award nomination: a scent-filled accessory that plugs into your cellphone’s earphone jack, enabling you to smell two choices of red meats. Continue reading

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Peak Oil is Irrelevant

Let’s call fossil fuels what they are: weapons of mass destruction. And they need to be neutralized. Continue reading

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