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A Letter to Mayor de Blasio: Don’t forget the environment as a cause of inequality

Environmental initiatives are integral to addressing the “tale of two cities” that Mayor de Blasio campaigned on. Continue reading

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Density Part 3: Kenneth Jackson’s “Future” of New York

Buried in Jackson’s idea of the future of NYC are two huge and, I believe, mistaken assumptions. Continue reading

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Nature Bats Last and Owns the Stadium

The revenge of Hetch Hetchy? 100 years later maybe nature is sending us a message. Continue reading

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How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Word

What sequester really means and its relevance to the environment. Continue reading

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Are we scared yet?

Scary things I’ve experienced or heard in the past couple of weeks: ·         Sandy. ·         A new report that global warming will be worse than predicted. ·         An insurance industry report on skyrocketing costs of weather disasters. ·         Dramatic evidence … Continue reading

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Of Slugs and Solutions

Bear with me through a somewhat circuitous train of thought here. It starts unfortunately, since we’re all pretty much politicked out, with the second presidential debate. I promise, though, the topic isn’t politics. Politicians love to shift topics when faced … Continue reading

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The Growth Schism: Could a Sound Bite Save the World?

Facts and figures we have aplenty. It’s the sound bite we’re missing. If “no growth” or “antigrowth” are non-starters for a political platform, well we need to find a way to recast the idea in a way that illustrates the reasons we should desire the end of growth. Continue reading

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Falling Forward

We are indeed falling. What we haven’t determined is whether we will fall martial arts style, guiding the momentum of the fall so that instead of injuring ourselves, we roll out into an advantageous position. Continue reading

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Why doesn’t environmentalism bridge the political divide?

The political portrayal of environmentalism and the economy as a tradeoff of one for the other is not only a false dilemma, but is just flat out false. Continue reading

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How wise is political wisdom?

A new survey says voters do want to hear views on global warming and that such a stand would benefit candidates more than it would hurt them. What’s going on? Why the difference between the common political “wisdom” and these findings? Continue reading

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