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The Distillery: October 12, 2017

We can all use some positive news these days, especially on the environmental front in which science is considered evil, denial is an alternative fact and the EPA is now what I’m calling the Environmental Destruction Agency. And while I … Continue reading

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The Distillery: September 28, 2017

Disasters can represent opportunities, especially in avoiding or mitigating future ones. Continue reading

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Are Geoengineering Proposals EcoOptimistic?

They’re very seductive – proposed solutions to climate disruption that don’t involve carbon fees or changing our modern comforts and habits. Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Trade Shows

I looked at two back to back trade shows through the lens of ecodesign and found both encouraging and discouraging points. Continue reading

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iRobot (No, not that one)

A new Wrongest Product Award nominee Continue reading

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Answering the Wrong Question

Pro-nuclear environmentalists are committing the ecological sin of not thinking in systems.They’re looking at the energy issue as if it’s independent from our other environmental and social dilemmas. Continue reading

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Is 3D Printing Part of the Path to Sustainability?

There is great EcoOptimism potential in the new technology of 3D printing, but is there a conflict, too? Continue reading

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“If we can put a man on the moon…” version 2.0?

As the EcoOptimist, I suppose I shouldn’t make this kind of conjecture, but will we soon be saying “If we can put an SUV on Mars, why can’t we…?” Continue reading

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