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Why doesn’t environmentalism bridge the political divide?

The political portrayal of environmentalism and the economy as a tradeoff of one for the other is not only a false dilemma, but is just flat out false. Continue reading

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It’s all about me!

Apologies for some blatant blog and book promotion. We’ve just posted two short videos — one is an introduction to EcoOptimism and other an overview of my book, Sustainable Design a Critical Guide.

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How wise is political wisdom?

A new survey says voters do want to hear views on global warming and that such a stand would benefit candidates more than it would hurt them. What’s going on? Why the difference between the common political “wisdom” and these findings? Continue reading

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If the medium is the message, is the bumper sticker the medium?

Can we/should we play the sound bite game? It’s tough to explain in a few short words why, for example, a growing GDP is probably not a good thing. Or why a carbon tax is. Continue reading

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DEA to Outlaw Cotton Growing. Says Fields are Indistinguishable from Opium Poppies.

Well, not exactly, but hey, it could happen. It already has with another crop Continue reading

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“If we can put a man on the moon…” version 2.0?

As the EcoOptimist, I suppose I shouldn’t make this kind of conjecture, but will we soon be saying “If we can put an SUV on Mars, why can’t we…?” Continue reading

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Where’s the (true cost in) beef?

EcoOptimism states we can simultaneously solve our economic and ecological problems while improving, rather than diminishing, our lives. One of the critical steps in finding the ways to do this is through a concept called true costing. Continue reading

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Bummer, Dude

What if the environment was seen as integrally tied to our other, more highly prioritized issues? That a solution to the Great Recession is tuning our economy – our consumption and materialism – to reflect what things actually cost and what things actually benefit us. That diminished expenses in the military and on health care would directly result from renewable energy and energy efficiency. Continue reading

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Introducing the EcoOptimist’s Alter Ego – News of Impending Doom

EcoOptimism is not blind. We have our moments of despair. Occasionally, we’ll post a story that tries its damndest to ruin our day, I mean raise the alarum. Here’s the first. Continue reading

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