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Introducing The Wrongest Product Awards

The Wrongest Product Awards will go to those products (and their designers) that embody the least amount of redeeming value while incurring the use of unnecessary, often gratuitous, materials or energy. Continue reading

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What’s an architect to do?

Designers have both an opportunity and a responsibility to redirect their talents. Continue reading

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The EcoOptimist’s Alter Ego — More News of Impending Doom

The Interwebs have been flooded, as it were, with articles and posts about the record melting of the Arctic icecap. Continue reading

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Falling Forward

We are indeed falling. What we haven’t determined is whether we will fall martial arts style, guiding the momentum of the fall so that instead of injuring ourselves, we roll out into an advantageous position. Continue reading

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Planets Are People, My Friends

If animals, rivers, forests and corporations can have legal rights, why not the planet? Would that, in effect, lay the economic and legal groundwork for solving environmental issues? Continue reading

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Optimism = Possibility

Fear motivates in crises like war or epidemics or severe weather (as opposed to climate) where the danger can be felt or easily anticipated, or where we have experienced it before. Ecological disruption falls into none of those categories and that means we need a different motivator. If not fear, then the motivator needs to be desire, which is where the purpose of EcoOptimism comes in. Continue reading

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Demand-side economics?

Never mind differentiating human needs from wants. Now it’s about what your STUFF wants. Continue reading

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Who do designers think they are anyway?

Are you what you own? And if so, does that mean designers — the people who think up most of the things you own – are in fact designing you? A fascinating online discussion this past week has led me … Continue reading

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