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Of Slugs and Solutions

Bear with me through a somewhat circuitous train of thought here. It starts unfortunately, since we’re all pretty much politicked out, with the second presidential debate. I promise, though, the topic isn’t politics. Politicians love to shift topics when faced … Continue reading

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Wrongest Product Award nomination: ad-supported underwear

I generally go out of my way to avoid wearing clothing with brand names emblazoned on them. I figure that if I’m going to be providing advertising for them, they ought to be paying me rather than the other way … Continue reading

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Don’t Argue the Science

The facts of climate disruption and resource depletion are abundant and the logic is clear, yet we keep losing the argument in the realm of public opinion. Continue reading

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The Growth Schism: Could a Sound Bite Save the World?

Facts and figures we have aplenty. It’s the sound bite we’re missing. If “no growth” or “antigrowth” are non-starters for a political platform, well we need to find a way to recast the idea in a way that illustrates the reasons we should desire the end of growth. Continue reading

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News we like

Focusing on the optimism aspect of our blog here, my usual late night tour of the interwebs caught a slew of headlines that left me in a better mood than I started – indications that the business as usual status … Continue reading

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New nomination for the Wrongest Product Awards

Sometimes the problem isn’t so much the product as the packaging. Continue reading

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Is 3D Printing Part of the Path to Sustainability?

There is great EcoOptimism potential in the new technology of 3D printing, but is there a conflict, too? Continue reading

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