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Redefining Growth

Here’s a proposal: instead of sending the misleading and incorrect message that “there is no conflict between growing the economy and protecting the environment,” change the emphasis to address what we really want by saying “there is no conflict between improving the quality of our lives and protecting the environment.” Continue reading

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Community and Sustainability

It’s apparent that a key to sustainability is popular support and participation – buy-in, some call it. Communities enabled by active street life can foster this. From there, “act locally” can become “think globally.” Continue reading

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iRobot (No, not that one)

A new Wrongest Product Award nominee Continue reading

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The Keystone XL Pipeline No-brainer

Since all we get from tar sands oil is a delay in the upcoming end of oil age, accompanied by the potentially disastrous increase in climate disruption, wouldn’t it make a helluva lot more sense to take the government and commercial investments and place them in energy efficiency and renewable forms of energy? Continue reading

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Everything But the Facts

It’s become increasingly difficult to ascertain whose facts are actually factual. I subscribe to the “follow the money” rule, or rather, don’t follow the money. Continue reading

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It’s Not the Economy vs the Environment

What to make of the mixed message in Sunday’s New York Times op-ed by David Leonhardt? Dispelling the prevalent and stubborn myth that environmental measures are a drag on economic recovery is critical to efforts to gain public and political … Continue reading

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Blowing Hot Air (A Wrongest Product Award nominee)

It may not be exactly seasonal wear in the northern hemisphere right now, what with an incoming blizzard and all, but this nominee for the Wrongest Product Awards might seem very appealing in Australia’s current record-breaking summer heat. Its impetus, … Continue reading

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Economic Insurrection, or Nature’s Economy vs Wall Street’s

In EcoOptimism parlance, Wall Street’s economy is based on “win” only and the hell with everything else, while Nature’s is win-win-win. In other words, the one per cent vs 100%. Continue reading

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