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The Nature of Nature

Are the things we build – the “modifications” to “physical geography” as one of the first ecologists put it in 1864 – unnatural? Does the fact that they are built by people automatically mean they are not a part of nature? Continue reading

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From Our Factory to Your Kitchen. Then the Landfill.

What are the odds of two Wrongest Product Award nominations dealing with bananas? It’s not like bananas are iconic fruit as, say, apples are. Apples have played a part in the Bible, in William Tell, in American patriotism, in New … Continue reading

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All of the Above. None of the Below.

I propose a response to President Obama’s energy policy of “all of the above.” I suggest “none of the below.” Continue reading

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Stealing from the Future

The decisions we make today are determining the environment (and hence the future) for upcoming generations, and those generations have no voice in those decisions. Continue reading

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