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Take My Computer. Please. (The Case Against Ownership)

Ownership isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are many things that we don’t need – or want – to own. And here’s why. Continue reading

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Surprise: Environmentalism Actually Boosts the Economy

One of the premises of EcoOptimism is that environmental actions and solutions complement the economy. Too often, the assumption – particularly within the business world and among conservatives – is that the opposite is true. They believe, sometimes fervently, that … Continue reading

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Peak Oil is Irrelevant

Let’s call fossil fuels what they are: weapons of mass destruction. And they need to be neutralized. Continue reading

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A Grammar Mnemonic to Save the World

Taking some editorial license, I’d like to propose a modification of the grammar mnemonic for the purposes of environmentalism and economics: “i before e *especially* after c.” Continue reading

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It’s Not the Economy vs the Environment

What to make of the mixed message in Sunday’s New York Times op-ed by David Leonhardt? Dispelling the prevalent and stubborn myth that environmental measures are a drag on economic recovery is critical to efforts to gain public and political … Continue reading

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News we like

Focusing on the optimism aspect of our blog here, my usual late night tour of the interwebs caught a slew of headlines that left me in a better mood than I started – indications that the business as usual status … Continue reading

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Planets Are People, My Friends

If animals, rivers, forests and corporations can have legal rights, why not the planet? Would that, in effect, lay the economic and legal groundwork for solving environmental issues? Continue reading

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How wise is political wisdom?

A new survey says voters do want to hear views on global warming and that such a stand would benefit candidates more than it would hurt them. What’s going on? Why the difference between the common political “wisdom” and these findings? Continue reading

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Where’s the (true cost in) beef?

EcoOptimism states we can simultaneously solve our economic and ecological problems while improving, rather than diminishing, our lives. One of the critical steps in finding the ways to do this is through a concept called true costing. Continue reading

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