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Take My Computer. Please. (The Case Against Ownership)

Ownership isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are many things that we don’t need – or want – to own. And here’s why. Continue reading

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Does An Environmentalist Have To Be a Treehugger?

Am I biophilically challenged? And does that diminish my eco cred? Continue reading

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Pascal’s Wager: The Climate Change Version

In EcoOptimism terms, the climate change “wager” says we’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. Continue reading

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Space Missions: the ultimate disposable packaging?

It occurs to me on this anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission that the technology of space missions are an unintentional analogue for our methods of manufacturing and consumption. Continue reading

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If Overpopulation Isn’t the Problem, What’s the Question?

In a previous post, I refuted an EcoPessimist. Now I need to refute a false optimist. Continue reading

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Almost Good Advice on Consumption

A CNN article advising parents to buy less stuff initially caught my eye, but its advice wasn’t as smart as I’d hoped. Continue reading

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Countering the EcoPessimist

The view that the era of economic and human growth is over is both right and wrong. Continue reading

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Holy (grass-fed) Cow, It’s Been a Year

Reflections on a year of posts, which — somehow — leads to a new formula for environmental impact Continue reading

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Redefining Growth

Here’s a proposal: instead of sending the misleading and incorrect message that “there is no conflict between growing the economy and protecting the environment,” change the emphasis to address what we really want by saying “there is no conflict between improving the quality of our lives and protecting the environment.” Continue reading

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Answering the Wrong Question

Pro-nuclear environmentalists are committing the ecological sin of not thinking in systems.They’re looking at the energy issue as if it’s independent from our other environmental and social dilemmas. Continue reading

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