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Take My Computer. Please. (The Case Against Ownership)

Ownership isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are many things that we don’t need – or want – to own. And here’s why. Continue reading

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Laser Schmaser

Pizzas don’t need forks, let alone lasers. Continue reading

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Almost Good Advice on Consumption

A CNN article advising parents to buy less stuff initially caught my eye, but its advice wasn’t as smart as I’d hoped. Continue reading

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Countering the EcoPessimist

The view that the era of economic and human growth is over is both right and wrong. Continue reading

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Here Comes the Stuff

I don’t think I’m being a killjoy in dampening the consumer wave. Actually, I think the concept is quite positive. Continue reading

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Is 3D Printing Part of the Path to Sustainability?

There is great EcoOptimism potential in the new technology of 3D printing, but is there a conflict, too? Continue reading

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What’s an architect to do?

Designers have both an opportunity and a responsibility to redirect their talents. Continue reading

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Falling Forward

We are indeed falling. What we haven’t determined is whether we will fall martial arts style, guiding the momentum of the fall so that instead of injuring ourselves, we roll out into an advantageous position. Continue reading

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Demand-side economics?

Never mind differentiating human needs from wants. Now it’s about what your STUFF wants. Continue reading

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Who do designers think they are anyway?

Are you what you own? And if so, does that mean designers — the people who think up most of the things you own – are in fact designing you? A fascinating online discussion this past week has led me … Continue reading

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