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Pascal’s Wager: The Climate Change Version

In EcoOptimism terms, the climate change “wager” says we’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. Continue reading

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A Letter to Mayor de Blasio: Don’t forget the environment as a cause of inequality

Environmental initiatives are integral to addressing the “tale of two cities” that Mayor de Blasio campaigned on. Continue reading

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Cities, Community and Sustainable Development

The rapid urbanization of the population is, in many ways, an environmentally positive event. Too often left out, however, is the question of what life in these cities is or will be like. Continue reading

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Holy (grass-fed) Cow, It’s Been a Year

Reflections on a year of posts, which — somehow — leads to a new formula for environmental impact Continue reading

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The Great (and Not So Great) Bike Debates

Two cycling topics, stop signs and bike share racks, have been the source of much bloggery this week. Continue reading

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Biking and the Fallacy of Zero-sum Environmental Thinking

I don’t believe in the zero-sum scenario — at least not in the case of environmentalism, where I like to point out the many win-win and win-win-win scenarios. Continue reading

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Economic Insurrection, or Nature’s Economy vs Wall Street’s

In EcoOptimism parlance, Wall Street’s economy is based on “win” only and the hell with everything else, while Nature’s is win-win-win. In other words, the one per cent vs 100%. Continue reading

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The New – and Improved — Economy

We have solutions that can simultaneously address economic and ecological problems – and, what’s more, land us in a better place than we started. Continue reading

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Are we scared yet?

Scary things I’ve experienced or heard in the past couple of weeks: ·         Sandy. ·         A new report that global warming will be worse than predicted. ·         An insurance industry report on skyrocketing costs of weather disasters. ·         Dramatic evidence … Continue reading

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Where’s the (true cost in) beef?

EcoOptimism states we can simultaneously solve our economic and ecological problems while improving, rather than diminishing, our lives. One of the critical steps in finding the ways to do this is through a concept called true costing. Continue reading

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