Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide

By David Bergman
(Princeton Architectural Press, 2012)

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Princeton Architectural Press and elsewhere.

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Reviews of Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide:

“David Bergman has written a thorough and very useful summary of the field at this moment, and has made my life as a teacher of sustainable design a whole lot easier by putting it all together in one place.” Lloyd Alter,

“Bergman’s ‘Sustainable Design’ differs by not only thinking about how to solve what are viewed as the current problems, but looking ahead to how sustainability can become a more fundamental part of all design.” Philip S. Proefrock

“Sustainable design is the future…..and books like Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide will undoubtedly contribute to it becoming second nature.” Andrew Cuthbert, SpacingVancouver

Reviews on

“In the year 1 B.C. Marcus Vitruvius Pollio wrote The 10 Books on Architecture. These volumes outlined every consideration and step required to build a successful project that would be sensitive to the land, its occupants and more importantly one that would endure the tests of time. After finishing Sustainable Design-A Critical Guide and closing the cover, my final thoughts were, “Vitruvius sure would be proud”!”

“This book is the stunning creation of a master teacher who can communicate with fellow citizens (like me) who are not expert in the fields he knows so well.”

“Bergman focuses on sustainability as an underlying philosophy behind all design, material and construction decisions and rethinking our entire life strategies in a very positive and optimistic way showing how the future is full of hope and possibilities, this is not a doom and gloom shock story like “An Inconvenient Truth”.”

“[A] perfect primer for those interested in sustainable design and a great reference book for anyone who wants to learn more about the buildings they live and work in.”

“[A] well written, well illustrated and comprehensive review of the state of the art of sustainability.”

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