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The Keystone XL Pipeline No-brainer

Since all we get from tar sands oil is a delay in the upcoming end of oil age, accompanied by the potentially disastrous increase in climate disruption, wouldn’t it make a helluva lot more sense to take the government and commercial investments and place them in energy efficiency and renewable forms of energy? Continue reading

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It’s Not the Economy vs the Environment

What to make of the mixed message in Sunday’s New York Times op-ed by David Leonhardt? Dispelling the prevalent and stubborn myth that environmental measures are a drag on economic recovery is critical to efforts to gain public and political … Continue reading

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Economic Insurrection, or Nature’s Economy vs Wall Street’s

In EcoOptimism parlance, Wall Street’s economy is based on “win” only and the hell with everything else, while Nature’s is win-win-win. In other words, the one per cent vs 100%. Continue reading

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Don’t Argue the Science

The facts of climate disruption and resource depletion are abundant and the logic is clear, yet we keep losing the argument in the realm of public opinion. Continue reading

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Planets Are People, My Friends

If animals, rivers, forests and corporations can have legal rights, why not the planet? Would that, in effect, lay the economic and legal groundwork for solving environmental issues? Continue reading

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Where’s the (true cost in) beef?

EcoOptimism states we can simultaneously solve our economic and ecological problems while improving, rather than diminishing, our lives. One of the critical steps in finding the ways to do this is through a concept called true costing. Continue reading

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