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Answering the Wrong Question

Pro-nuclear environmentalists are committing the ecological sin of not thinking in systems.They’re looking at the energy issue as if it’s independent from our other environmental and social dilemmas. Continue reading

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The Growth Panacea

In The New York Times “Room for Debate” column last week, the topic was whether growth is a good goal. Until recently, it’s been an assumption in both political and economic circles that growth was unquestionably good and essential. It’s … Continue reading

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Is “Cargotecture” Greenwash?

It’s certainly all the rage, at least in design circles, and some very interesting things are being done with shipping container reuse. Much of it was fomented by the uber-cool firm LOT-EK. But lately we’re seeing buildings in China using … Continue reading

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Death Be Not Proud (Wrongest Product Award nomination)

Colbert made me do it. You see, I had this thing (would you call it an eternal home audio system?) lined up for an upcoming “Wrongest Product Award” nomination, but then Stephen Colbert went and aired it on his show … Continue reading

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Post Post-Apocalypses

It probably means something that my last post of 2012 was on resilience and one of my first posts of 2013 is on apocalypse. Perhaps I’ve got things backwards. Do I know how to have a good time or what? … Continue reading

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Lines in the Earth

Is the idea of individuals possessing parts of the Earth strange and unnatural? Continue reading

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