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Resilience – 2012 Word of the Year?

Even before Sandy, the word ‘resilience’ was on its way to becoming a meme. Then, when a “natural disaster” struck the political and financial powers of New York City – along with countless others – the idea started to take … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Stuff

I don’t think I’m being a killjoy in dampening the consumer wave. Actually, I think the concept is quite positive. Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Cornucopia of Wrongest Products

We could almost throw in the 1000 thread count towel and just admit we’ve been insurmountably topped in the Wrongest Product Awards competition.  First came the suggestion from a reader following our nomination of the lighted pillow spied in a … Continue reading

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Are we scared yet?

Scary things I’ve experienced or heard in the past couple of weeks: ·         Sandy. ·         A new report that global warming will be worse than predicted. ·         An insurance industry report on skyrocketing costs of weather disasters. ·         Dramatic evidence … Continue reading

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Is 3D Printing Part of the Path to Sustainability?

There is great EcoOptimism potential in the new technology of 3D printing, but is there a conflict, too? Continue reading

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What’s an architect to do?

Designers have both an opportunity and a responsibility to redirect their talents. Continue reading

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The EcoOptimist’s Alter Ego — More News of Impending Doom

The Interwebs have been flooded, as it were, with articles and posts about the record melting of the Arctic icecap. Continue reading

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Optimism = Possibility

Fear motivates in crises like war or epidemics or severe weather (as opposed to climate) where the danger can be felt or easily anticipated, or where we have experienced it before. Ecological disruption falls into none of those categories and that means we need a different motivator. If not fear, then the motivator needs to be desire, which is where the purpose of EcoOptimism comes in. Continue reading

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Demand-side economics?

Never mind differentiating human needs from wants. Now it’s about what your STUFF wants. Continue reading

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It’s all about me!

Apologies for some blatant blog and book promotion. We’ve just posted two short videos — one is an introduction to EcoOptimism and other an overview of my book, Sustainable Design a Critical Guide.

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